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Vinny versus Brian in Baby Oil

When two wrestlers first take the plunge into fighting in an oil match, the results can be quite interesting. 

Here, we see Vinny and Brian dipping their toes into the oil world for the first time, and they at first seem quite tentative.  The pair spend a fair amount of time oiling up their opponents (one of my favorite parts), and when they do finally lock up Vinny first sees if he can gain the advantage just by pusing Brian away and seeing if Brian can remain standing with all the oil on himself and the tarp.  Spoiler alert:  he can't.  

Brian jumps upon the now prone stud and begins to apply some power moves like arms bars and full nelsons.  One issue, although they may have seen oil matches, keeping your opponent in a move when they are oiled up is another thing altogether and Brian is able to slither away after a short amount of time.  Brian also seems to be faster as well, and manages to get behind Vinny on several occasions and apply some power moves of his own. 

The pair end up standing facing one another once again, and Vinny goes back to what he had tried earlier and just pushes Brian away, which causes his to fall backwards and into a small blow up pool off the side of the tarp.  In the end, it is the ability to slap on a move and keep your opponent in it that saves the day as a sleeper is applied and one grappler is left almost unconscious on the mat.  Another great entry in the oil match history of W4H!
Total running time:  22 minutes, 06 seconds

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