Web Wonder vs. Web Wonder

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What does one superhero do when it comes time to hang up the tights?  He trains another person to take his place...but not before his replacement is put through his paces. 

In showing how he defeated his various villains, the aging hero places the rookie in several painful moves describing he put his most dastardly enemies through the grind.

Kicks, punches, leg drops and stretches all add up to a very painful training for Web Wonder’s young protégé.  Some of the “training” gets very personal with a choke hold and several thumbs to the eyes.  Although the young hero does get in some offense, it is obvious that the years of experience is far and away the deciding factor.

Eventually, the younger hero must relinquish his superhero suit in order to take over the role.  Does the veteran Web Wonder give his suit up willingly or does the rookie hero turn the tables and force the elder hero to give up the suit? 

One hero walks off victorious and the other is left face down in the ring. But which is which?

TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 24 seconds

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