Web Wonder vs. Super Bronco

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One thing that most heroes and villains have in abundance is confidence.  They are supremely confident that they will win, no matter what the circumstance, no matter who the opponent.  And why not?  Most of them time, their confidence is born out by their results.  Sometimes, however, it is the thing that blindly leads them to underestimate their opponent, usually with disastrous results.  Such is the case here.  Super Bronco is extremely confident, and let's be honest, if you possessed the body of Super Bronco, wouldn't you be too?  We find him flexing and posing for the
camera, just itching for a fight, and then slithering into the picture comes Web Wonder, who soon finds himself within the grasp of Bronco's powerful bearhug.

Suddenly dropping Web Wonder like a sack of potatoes, Web Wonder admits that the pair obviously got off on the wrong foot, and begs for some pause in the contest.  Super Bronco will have none of it, and picks the hero up again into another bearhug, only to dump him on his back again.  Next it is time for Web Wonder to take a ride on the big villain's back, but this time when Super Bronco dumps Web Wonder back on thr ground, he doesn't notice that Web Wonder has grabbed some small container this time.  As Super Bronco continues bending Web Wonder back and putting him into a punishing full nelson, Web Wonder manages to squirt some white substance from the container onto the leg of Super Bronco, which causes the villain to scream and pain and fall to the ground.

Web Wonder doesn't stop there, however, and soon Web Wonder has sprayed the white substance on the entire leg and upper body of Super Bronco, which saps the villain of his power and ability to fight back.  Web Wonder goes about rubbing the white substance into the skin of Super Bronco, and with each application, Super Bronco loses more and more power.  When Web Wonder applies it directly to Super Bronco's crotch, the villains screams of pain grow louder.  Turning the villain over, now the back side of Super Bronco gets covered in the substance and soon all Super Bronco can do is spasm from the pain, as Web Wonder rubs into every part of the villain's body.  Once the canister is empty, Web Wonder decides it is time to capture the villain (which he does with a nearby net) ready to take him away and await a fate that only the two of them will be privy to.  A great concept of a villain and a hero with the introduction of powerful control substance that I know you will enjoy!

Total running time:  21 minutes, 28 seconds

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