Web Wonder vs. Mighty Muscle

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Web Wonder is patrolling the city when he comes across Might Muscle who asks him, "Are you looking for trouble?"  "Are you trouble?" Web Wonder responds and Mighty Muscle answers not with his words, but with his actions.  Putting Web Wonder in a headlock which Web Wonder manages to escape with both a timely and well placed low blow, because "Every villain has the same sweet spot."  Mighty Muscle collapses to the ground, writhing in pain.  Web Wonder presses the advantage and puts him in a stretching position that targets the lower back of Mighty Muscle.
Web Wonder knows how to deliver the pain, and soon he is stretching his opponents legs while his feet are firmly placed in his crotch, crushing Mighty Muscle's balls.  Some stomps to the midsection continue the pain, followed by another lowblow, punches to Mighty Muscle's chest and more arm bars.  Mighty Muscle does not what has hit him, as Web Wonder's assault come fast and furious, all designed to not only deliver intense pain, but keep his opponent off guard and make any thoughts of retaliation virtually impossible.  His plan works to perfection!
Web Wonder knows that he must make a definitive statement with Mighty Muscle, or his city will be overrun with evildoers.  And so decides that the best way to do that is not to only punish him, but also to humiliate him in the most embarrassing way possible.  To achieve this, he must put Mighty Muscle to sleep.  Moving from move to move, Web Wonder's finally claps his legs around Mighty Muscle's head, limiting the amount of blood and oxygen that his brain is getting.  As Mighty Muscle is about to go unconscious, Web Wonder stands up and firmly plans his foot on Mighty Muscle's throat, the final indignity that totally stops the inhalation of oxygen, and before long, Mighty Muscle is alseep, the recipient of Web Wonder's message to all villains.  This is his city, enter at your own peril!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 34 seconds

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