Web Wonder vs. Elite Eliot

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LOOK OUT! HERE COMES THE WEB WONDER! A Super Hero fight. We’ve all had fantasies of wrestling with or against a Super Hero or villain. This match gives us none other than Elite Eliot as the villain taking on Web Wonder. There is no question that whomever is under that mask is all man, but just who is that masked man? Elite is no slouch in the looks department, nor is he a wimp when it comes to wrestling. Many a man has fallen victim to his brutal holds and punishment. 

Elite wastes no time in getting Web Wonder tied up in a spidey web. This gives him quite an advantage as Web Wonder is unable to defend himself. Elite isn’t known for going easy on his opponents and this trend continues as he dishes out abuse relentlessly on our Super Hero. After getting stuck in a particularly painful headlock, the true identity of Web Wonder is revealed: Austin Cooper. Austin is no jobber when it comes to wrestling, but Elite has easily had the upper hand so far in this match. Painful body scissors from Elite’s tree trunk-like legs leaves Web Wonder, um, Austin screaming in pain. Not content with the abuse he’s dishing out, Elite gives Austin some agonizing rakes to the eyes. Claw holds to the abs while continuing to squeeze with his scissors leaves Austin in excruciating pain. 

Ultimately Austin is stripped of his costume. Does this mean he no longer has his Super Hero strength? He gets tied up in his own web again, then is put out cold in a patented Elite Sleeper. More abuse is dished out by the Elite one. Does Austin have Super Hero powers? Is he able to make a spectacular comeback and overpower our diabolical villain? Is our Super Hero doomed to wrestling jobberhood? No, the Super Hero always wins...or does he?

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 41 seconds

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