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Jason Aleqsander versus Elite Eliot

Here is a free tip to any would be underground wrestlers.  Have some actual experience and wins under your belt before you start trash talking your opponents.  

In this bout, Elite Eliot is flexing in the ring, when the newbee, Jason Aleqsander wanders in and starts trash talking.  Needless to say, Eliot is not impressed (but to be fair there is little that does impress Eliot).  He questions whether or not the youngster has the wrestling chops to go one on one and the two begin their match.  As expected, it is not long before Eliot has Jason down on the mat, typing him up in more moves than Jason has learned in his short time in the squared circle.  Jason proves he is nothing if not feisty though, and he does manage to get off some offense before Eliot takes back the control.  But, in the end, Eliot falls prey to what will be my second free tip - never underestimate your opponent.  When Jason slaps on a sleeper hold, there is little Eliot can do but fall face first onto the mat, snoozing off his time while Jason celebrates his win.  

A word to the wise, if you take both of my free tips, you might jusyt have a successful underground wrestling career in W4H!

Total running time:  19 minutes, 05 seconds

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