VoltXL vs. Green Freeze

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Are you ever so certain of yourself that you let down your defenses, only to have whatever you downplayed be far more serious than you originally thought? 

That is the situation as Volt XL is busy posing, relatively unconcerned by the appearance of Green Freeze.  Early in their encounter, Volt seems to have the better of the battle, overpowering Green Freeze and delivering some impressive moves that weaken Green Freeze, however temporarily.
But Volt does not do away with Green Freeze and he soon finds that he has some powers that Volt was unaware, powers that he now unleashes on the unsuspecting Volt. Freezing rays that emit from Green's hands serve to paralyze Volt, and then Green follow ups with a massive blow to Volt's midsection. 

Did I mention that Volt has some pretty awesome powers of his own?  When he manages to get Green down for the count, he unleashes these on the prone Freeze, causing him to twitch and spasm in incredible pain.
Power vs power, strength vs. strength, muscles vs muscle the battle draws on.  Sleeper holds and arm bars, backbreakers and ab claws all lead to the devastating finale.  When both combatants unleash their powers at each at the same time, the forces battle each other between them, until both end up on the backs in the subsequent explosion of power.  Only one is finally able to get up after the encounter, and he rises to pose over his fallen enemy and for you, the viewer to enjoy.  An incredible story, great special effects all make for a winning Hero Hunks video!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:   21 minutes, 28 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Amazing muscle battle

This was one of your best Hero Hunks ever. The muscles on Volt XL are the best when he is straining to gather his power and Green Freeze has the most amazingly defined abs in the business. You cannot go wrong with this match if you love flexing muscles and great special effects.

Perfect ending!!

One of your best Hero Hunks videos!! The ending is amazing, seeing the Adonis-like Green Freeze completely destroyed, in agony and defeated, never to rise again after he spasms in pain and disbelief. Thanks!

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