Virgin Apprentice vs. Muscle Mask

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It can be tough on new superheroes when you find a chloroform soaked rag shoved over face and you begin to breathe in the toxic chemical.  Suddenly, all you know of the waking world slowly fades from you and you are left asleep, open to your enemies every wish and desire.  That is the case here when we join the video, Virgin Apprentice is slowly losing consciousness at the hands of Muscle Mask, who seems to have some definite plans for our hero.  A prolonged fight against the chloroform proves unsuccessful and before you know it, Virgin Apprentice is laying on the ground, sleeping, while Muscle Mask is gloating over the fallen hero.
Some quick wrestling moves like a Boston Crab follow and serve to weaken the hero more, until Muscle Mask decides to apply the chloroform once again, this time with one hand holding the rag over Virgin Apprentice's nose and mouth, and the other with a firm grasp of our hero's balls, bringing pain to part of the hero's body, and relief in the form of sleep to another.  This will be repeated several time, as every time Muscle Mask awakens Virgin Apprentice, he soon once again applies the rag and our weakened hero succumbs to the substance once more.  A deadly game of "rinse and repeat" as played by our villain keeps Virgin Apprentice off balanced, dazed and confused throughout, as he never gets to fully regain consciousness when the punishment begins again.
Muscle Mask wants to humiliate Virgin Apprentice, too.  He uses the hero's own cape as a leash and orders Virgin Apprentice to crawl around on all fours like he little puppy.  The satisfaction in Muscle Mask's face is clearly evident, as he then reapplies the chloroform rag, knocking Virgin Apprentice unconscious once again.  In the end, our hero lays at the feet of Muscle Mask, who claims that he likes having his own "bitch" and "pup pup" to play with.  If you enjoy seeing heroes slowly fade into unconsciousness and be totally humiliated at the hand of there villain tormentor, then this video will be just for you!  Never did a hero look so good at being made to look totally ineffective and overpowered by their arch enemy!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  24 minutes, 02 seconds

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Andy Trevisan
Very good but could be better.

This video is very good!
But if I had my opinion, the submissive hero would be perfect if Mars, Trevthor, Josh, Donevan, Javier The Hunk, Elite Eliot or Travis wore the cape.
With the exception of Javier - and despite this - they are tall, have a perfect hero physique, are handsome and have a wonderful ass and frontal bulge, perfect for being subdued and humiliated in every way by cruel villains. They are even excellent at performing pain, while suffering at the hands of criminals
Here's a suggestion for future videos of this type.

Esse vídeo é muito bom!
Mas se eu pudesse opinar, o herói submisso ficaria perfeito se Mars, Trevthor, Josh, Donevan, Javier The Hunk, Elite Eliot ou Travis vestissem a capa.
A exceção de Javier - e apesar disso - eles são altos, têm um físico perfeito de heróis, são bonitos e têm uma bunda e uma protuberância frontal maravilhosos, perfeitos para serem subjugados e humilhados de todas as maneiras por vilões cruéis. São excelentes até na performance da dor, enquanto sofrem nas mãos dos bandidos
Fica como sugestão para os próximos vídeos desse tipo.

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