Vinny vs. Meaty (Oil Wrestling)

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From the moment the camera pans up the incredible specimen of a man that is Vinny you know you are in for a treat.  Add in the added bonus of Meaty, no slouch in his own right, gaping over the muscles of Vinny and you have a definite winner.  Here, both men, covered in oil, liberally applied by their opponent beforehand, basically giving their opponent the means to escape from their clutches.  What starts as an almost sensual experience (just watch how much Vinny enjoys rubbing the oil into Meaty's asscheeks and then massages his neck) soon becomes the alpha male battle it was always meant to be.
As Vinny is posing, Meaty takes his opportunity to put Vinny into a full nelson.  However, in surprising move, Meaty eventually releases Vinny and asks him to put him into the same hold.  Convinced that he can break the hold, Vinny does lock in a full nelson, and, as predicted, he does break the hold and then grabs Vinny into a reverse bearhug, which as the hold continues, Meaty then take a moment to feel up Vinny's abdoment.  It becomes apparent that a more direct test of strength is need, and when the traditional test of strength contest does not come up with a winner, the two drop to the mat and begin an arm wrestling contest.
The pair decide to leave the arm wrestling competition tied 1-1 and once more lock up to see if they can score a more traditional win over their opponent.  As they move from power move to power move and neither submits, it is only a final sleeper hold that leaves on of the big men lying face up on the mat, drenched in oil, as his opponent flexes and enjoys the sweet taste of victory.  If you enjoy seeing two muscled studs throw power move after power move against each other, this match up will be right up your alley, and I promise you won't be disappointed.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 00 seconds

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