Vinny vs. Golden Terror

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There are few wrestlers whose ring name truly fits their personality.  I would argue that the Golden Terror is one such grappler.  He is a large man, who seems to enjoy dishing out the pain to his opponents.  And more times than not, hie opponents are in sheer terror of him.  And make no mistake, Vinny is an impressive specimen in his own right, who certainly has muscles layered upon muscles, and knows how to fill out his speedo.  He doesn't seem to be in too much fear of the Golden Terror at first blush, his first mistake!
An extended test of strength finds each grappler gaining the advantage momentarily just for their opponent to rally back.  When Vinny decides to finally release he grabs the Golden Terror and puts him in a sleeper hold.  As the big man is starting to fade, he tries one last desperate move and uses every pound of himself to force Vinny back into the corner, squashed between the turnbuckles and the mountain of a man.  Forced to release, Golden Terror then delivers multiple shoulders to the exposed midsection of Vinny, driving the air from the stunned stud.
It is all downhill from there for the muscled Vinny.  Splashes, bearhugs, leg scissors and more all serve to weaken and humiliate him.  When the end finally comes, the Golden Terror is not satisfied with just defeating his opponent, he wants total and complete submission.  He forces Vinny to flex while in a tight bearhug, and then he deposits the young wrestler onto the mat, making him flex again, and in a final humiliation, admit that he is "His fucking bitch."  An inglorious end to what could have been a history making match for Vinny, but alas, he falls the way most of Golden Terror's opponents do.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 01 seconds

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Matt Fletcher

Debated on this match for a while, safe to say it did not disappoint. Vinny is tremendous, he’d make a great pro with a bit of training, but enjoying his work so far. Definitely one to watch

Fan of W4H
Handome rookie vs. big Villan

A young, handsome newcomer and a huge, brutal villain. It's a classic combination, but Vinny and Golden Terror make it great. They are perfect combination. The sexy little yellow speedo and black vest look great on the cocky Vinny. The whole match goes slowly, with the thugs slowly hurting the handsome rookie, Vinny flexes several times; he seems not be beaten compleatley. . Hopefully in the next match we will see more punishment until Vinny falls in the ring and can't get up!


Golden Terror needs to pull down his straps. 💪💪

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