Vinny vs. Cash (Oil Wrestling)

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I doubt the people who invented baby oil ever thought of it's use to highlight and glisten off the muscles of hard bodied men as they rolled around and grappled with one another in the ultimate alpha male contest.  And frankly, other than thanking them for that, I don't really care.  As long as it gives us the opportunity to enjoy two men, like Vinny and Cash, who take the opportunity to oil each other up in anticpation of such a match.  Both are incredible male specimens, made all the more beautiful by the application of the baby oil.
It's Vinny who makes the first move, grabbing Cash and applying a full nelson as the two were posing.  Cash does not appreciate this and so quickly turns the tables, but Vinny proves that he is resourceful and sneaky.  Vinny applies a few wedgies (which to be honest, does little, since the oil makes Cash's underwear virutally non-existent and leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination), and slaps on some sleeper holds, which eventually sees Cash give in to as he slips into unconsciousness.  Will he be able to rebound and bring some offense?
Vinny does give him an opportunity for redemption as he awakens the dazed Cash.  He immediately places him several more moves, however, and then even douses Cash in more oil.  It seems as though the earlier punishment may have been too much for Cash as he has trouble mounting any type of moves against Vinny.  In the end, Cash os left laying on the mat, face down, as Vinny grabs an energy drink and downs the remainder, replenishing the electrolytes he has expending in totally humilating Cash, something I am sure Cash will never forget.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 01 seconds

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