Vinny Motz vs. Todd The Rod

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Vinny Motz is tiny, yet beefy. Hunky, yet hairless. Stiff, but flexible. In short, he’s a perfect mixture of Average Joe and wrestling superfan...and he looks a little surprised to be in the ring. Who better to pair him with than hairy big brother brawler Todd? You’ve seen him ref, you’ve seen him it’s time to see Todd work over a submissive jobber boy!

Todd hoists little Vinny into the air, bench presses with him, and throws his fleshy body into the corner, where his butt jiggles with hypnotic submissiveness. Todd grinds the kid into the floor, camels him until he literally sobs like a baby, then wrenches his arms so hard it actually brings tears to his eyes.

Even Todd can kick this kid’s ass, or so it seems, until the kiddo snaps. Now little bro tries to take big brother down, but he's fighting against feet, finger nails, and figure fours. Chests are abused. Faces get buried in balls and armpits. Headlocks leave opponents gritting their teeth in agony. It’s one humiliation after another in this battle of two angry Average Joes!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 34 seconds

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