Vinny Motz vs. Chase Sinn & Mad Dog Mike (Double-Teamed)

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Poor Vinny Motz. He’s lost his cute converse shoes and letterman jacket, but the boy wonder of the wrestling world is still as slim and sweet as he was the last time he had his ass handed to him by a much bigger man. Yep, Vinny’s pretty much a boy in a man’s world, looking like he took a wrong turn at cheerleader practice and ended up in the wrestling room with the big dogs. 

And speaking of dogs, in comes Chase Sinn with his manimal, Mad Dog Mike, on a chain. The rabid man instantly tears into the cute kid, determined to beat the living daylights out of him. Chase controls his pet, pulling Vinny’s hair at the same time, and kicking him in the abs. As if responding to a silent attack whistle, Mad Dog crushes Vinny, while Chase wraps the dog leash around the kiddo’s neck. 

Vinny never stops whining, bitching, and screaming, as he suffers in glorious forced pain. Chase watches the battle, practically hard from the brutality of the panting dog on the pathetic jobber. 

Vinny finds himself the victim of some of the most sadistic and unfair bullying ever shot, including ear twists, face slaps, nose tweaking, handgags, and being chained to the ropes only to endure boots in his back and gold metal in his ever-moaning mouth. Total destruction!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 38 seconds

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