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Collin versus Shawn Duncan

Collin and Shawn have decided to have a drinking contest.  They settle on whoever can chug the alcohol in their can first (and finish it) is the winner.  Unfortunately for Collin, Shawn seems to be quite adept at this game as he quickly and easily downs the entire contents before Collin can even blink.  Feeling the advantage, Shawn then jumps on Collin to show him not only who is the drinking alpha male, but also the wrestling alpha male.  Grabbing him and brinking him to a standing positon, Shawn puts Collin in a tight head lock and begins to walk him around the hotel room.
Collin barely knows what has hit him and he spends the majority of the bout trying to fight off Shawn's advances.  Although he does manage some offense (however slight), it is clear that Shawn's experience and quickness if just too much for Collin.  He finds Shawn sitting on his back pulling his chin up to try and deliver the maximum amount of pain to Collin's lower back.  Headlock after headlock serve to further weaken the young athletic stud, who finds it near impossible to repel Shawn's devastating and continued assaults.
In the end, it is the one thing that no matter how big, no matter how experienced, no matter how much wrestling knowledge you have that does in Collin.  Shawn is able to put Collin into a sleeper hold that deprives the youngster of much needed oxygen.  It is somehow serene to watch Collin slowly fade away from the waking world into the land of the Dreaming.  A final pan up and down the prone body of the sleeping Collin allows the viewer to get an up close view of Collin, every muscled, bulging inch.  If you enjoy seeing a smaller guy work over someone bigger and heavier than him, this will tick all your boxes!
Total running time:  24 minutes, 33 seconds

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