Vance Vanity vs. Cuban Heartbreaker (I Wanna Go Pro)

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Oftentimes newbies to the W4H stable look for some tips or hints as to how they can improve their wrestling skills.  Many times staring across the ring at opponents who have much more experience in the ring than they do, these rookies can appreciate the skills that they have and will look to gain some tools for their toolbelt and make them that much more of a threat in future fights.  Such is the case with the Cuban Heartbreaker and Vance Vanity.  Vance has many years of experience, Cuban not so much, and so we join the pair as Vance is giving Cuban some schooling on how to execute certain moves.
Vance starts by explaining to Cuban exactly how to pull off an over the knee backbreaker.  After delivering a couple of them to the Heartbreaker, Vance then talks the Cuban through pulling it off himself.  The backbreaker moves to a full nelson next, with Vance showing the rookie how to change a full nelson to a takedown onto the mat.  The light bulb eventually goes off in the Cuban's mind as he appears to see exactly what is happening and how he can duplicate it.  
Vance then explains how to both deliver and receive a choke hold, and how to deliver blows to your opponent's midsection.  A spinning leg lock turns into showing the youngster how to do a roll up and the lesson is then completed for the time being.  If you enjoy seeing the curtain pulled back to see exactly how wrestlers execute the moves they do and how to better their performance, then this video will be right up your alley.  A training session unlike has ever been provided for those interested in exactly how the sausage is made is a treat for those aficionados.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  16 minutes, 30 seconds

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