Tyler Royce vs. Hugh Hunter (Daddy's Play Toy)

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It’s the age old image: Man vs. Boy. Big guy vs. Little Guy. Daddy vs. Son. Will the young, upstart vanquish the old man? Or will age and experience win the day once again? 

You’d be hard pressed to find two better looking competitors to answer these questions. Tyler Royce looks like he’s been plucked straight from the farm. Golden waves of hair, callow expression on his face, a small, but thicker body made for pushing and shoving. Hugh Hunter, on the other hand, steps into the ring with a reputation to keep. Can’t let the kid beat his ass, can he? Hunter sports a body splashed with tats, a firm musclegut, and a big, expressive feet that he uses to lock poor Royce into one painful hold after another. 

Tyler finds himself in countless compromising positions, but none so humiliating as a killer camel clutch that has Hunter clamping his pretty face tightly with his big man hands, then rolling backwards and taking Royce with him. 

The words “I give...I give man!” are said again and again through strained sleeper holds. Royce will think again before trying to be anything but daddy’s play toy!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 57 seconds

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