Tristan Baldwin vs. Tank (Back Attack)

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Tristan Baldwin is a great underground wrestler.  More than that, Tristan Baldwin likes to look GREAT.  So as we join the action, Tristan is in the ring, lacing up his boots and pulling up his socks, taking some "pride in his appearance" as he states.  Off camera, we hear Tank, prodding him to get on with it so that they can lock up and see who is the best.  Tristan will not be hurried, however, and finally, after getting his boots and socks in the condition he wants them, he is ready to take on the big man.  Tristan fully expects he will have little problem with Tank, and tells him so at every opportunity.
In reality, Tristan is about the face a foe the likes of which he has rarely faced.  Standing taller than Tristan and heavier, Tank is a great physical specimen himself.  After a few poses between each other, a test of strength is next and suddenly, Tristan realizes that maybe he should not have been so flippant towards the big man Tank, as he finds himself lifted and then dropped over Tank's knee.  Tank makes no distinction between fair and cheating however, and soon Tank's huge hands are around the throat of Tristan.  After some more trash talking by Tristan, Tank is once again upon his opponent and soon Tristan is caught in the ropes, with Tank removing one of his prized boots.
More attacks on Tristan's back are in order, with Tank draping Tristan over his knee, or placing Tristan face down in the corner, sitting on his lower back bending him backwards.  Suddenly, the trash talking has ended as Tristan has more pressing concerns, how to escape the clutches of the big man Tank.  Keeping Tristan down on the mat, Tank is able to remove the second boot and now Tristan is left just in his blue socks.  And over the back backbreaker and more bending and twisting Tristan on the mat has the ring veteran finally begging for the punishment to stop and Tank is left, a boot in each hand, posing for the camera.  A take down of a ring legend the likes of which has rarely been seen!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  26 minutes, 27 seconds

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