Tristan Baldwin vs. Ricky Roman

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There are few individuals in the pantheon of underground wrestling that have stood the test of time.  Cameron Mathews, Jonny Firestorm and I would argue, Tristan Baldwin.  Wrestling almost as long as he has been able to vote, Tristan has wrestled for most of the underground wrestling companies at one time or another.  He is back here and if it is possible, his physique looks better with every subsequent appearance.  As usual, Tristan is unimpressed with his current opponent, and he takes the time to let him know that he is unimpressed, until Ricky Roman shows him different.
Trash talking has always been a hallmark of Tristan's matches, and he does not disappoint here.  However, unlike some others, Tristan can back up the the talk with action.  Putting his chiseled body to effective use, Tristan quickly puts Ricky through his paces with arm bars, bearhugs, Boston crabs, and whatever his extremely creative mind can come up with.  When Roman does submit, it is only for a moment before Tristan is once more upon his opponent, showing his opponent that he has only seen a small sampling of what Baldwin is capable of.
Some wrestlers have that "it" factor when they get in the ring.  The aforementioned Mathews, Firestorm, Scrappy and many others.  Certainly, Baldwin does as well.  Not to say that there aren't a host of other who have it, and it takes some time to develop that "it" factor.  In fact, I would say that the majority of wrestlers in the W4H stable do have it in their own way, which makes the action all the more interesting.  Having honed his craft for more than a decade, Baldwin delivers here once again and the viewers are the winners here. 
A great entry into the W4H family!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 40 seconds

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