Tristan Baldwin vs. QT Rawlins (Sleepers)

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Are there any wrestlers who look better spread out, displayed for the camera, after having succumbed to a sleeper hold than Tristan Baldwin?  With muscles on top of muscles, pecs, abs and calf muscles that simply pop, and filling out his speedo very well, when the camera pans over a sleeping Baldwin the viewer is given a show like no other.  It doesn't start that way for Tristan though, it starts as most of his matches begin, with him flexing and posing, admiring himself and his copious muscles.  From behind, QT Rawlins enters the ring and slaps on the first of what will be many sleeper holds.
That's the problem with being so enamored of yourself, when you are too busy admiring yourself, you don't see the dangers that may be lurking elsewhere.  Putting Baldwin to sleep from the get go, this begins what amounts to a full 20+ minutes of Rawlins taking the opportunity to put Baldwin to sleep, time after time, after time.  And the thing with sleepers, when you are brought back to being awake, you are usually so disoriented that you find yourself that much more susceptible to another sleeper, and another, and another, just like what happens here to Tristan.
Not that Tristan has any better luck when he is awake.  Rawlins takes him time to give Baldwin several wedgies, he slaps on a camel clutch and bends Tristan back in rather abnormal ways, and of course, slaps on more sleepers.  If sleepers are you favorite wrestling hold, this one has those in spades, slapped on one of the veterans of the underground wrestling world.  Tristan may not have known who QTR Rawlins was before the match, but I can be rather certain that he will never forget the name going forward.  
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 13 seconds

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QT Rawlins

Looking forward to seeing more QT Rawlins! He wears those square cuts wells but I have to agree with the other review! That booty deserves to seen! SN - QT Rawlins isn't on the current Roster.

More QT

Wish QT was in something skimpier. He looks amazing and they both looked good together. QT has such a nice bubble butt

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