Tristan Baldwin vs. Jonny Firestorm

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Tristan is in the ring, flexing as normal.  He happens to mention that he has no idea who he is facing in this match as he could not read the name of his opponent.  From off screen comes the figure of Jonny Firestorm, who informs Tristan that he is his next match and he purposely did not put his name down as he wanted it to be a surprise.  Now Tristan Baldwin and Jonny Firestorm know each other very well.  Through the years, across multiple underground wrestling sites, they have gone tooth and nail against each other.  In their last face-off, Firestorm got the better of Tristan.
And Tristan has not forgotten their last encounter.  At first seemingly hesitant to take on Jonny, as things progress it becomes apparent that Tristan just wants his revenge.  A quick test of strength turns into traded ball claws that puts both Firestorm and Baldwin down on the mat.  When Tristan has the advantage, power moves rule as he puts Firestorm through his paces and delivers several punishing moves to Jonny's balls, as a payback for their last match.  When Jonny is on top, his wrestling skill rules the day as he places Baldwin in a figure four leglock and other devastating moves.
The match spills out of the ring as Baldwin finds himself on the gym floor.  Sensing an opportunity, Firestorm goes after his prey, slamming his back in the ring post, placing Tristan in a tight camel clutch on the ringside mats, and controlling the match.  Finally able to deliver a piledriver, Tristan is unable to recover and Jonny counts a 1, 2, 3 on the fallen grappler, placing his foot squarely on Baldwin's crotch.  Telling Baldwin to clean up all the sweat in the ring, Jonny exits leaving Tristan lying in the ring, the loser to Firestorm once again.  Two giants of the underground wrestling world face each other once again, and the viewers are the winners!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 32 seconds

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John Douglas

Talk about the inner man showin ALL the right stuff: Johnny's no heman, but he's ALL man. Gleefully sadistic as always, delivering relentless savage punishment to the nutz as always.

But it's Tristan/Aryx who's fuelling this HOT HOT WILDFIRE. I've been amazed the last year or so. Before, I always admired his ring skills and attitude, but somehow his power over me wasn't fierce. But something's happened to this man. On the outside, gorgeously muscled up now like roidhead (and it suits him), but on the inside, too. He's become an older, wiser, no-bullshit man, not a molecule of "boy" anywhere. So this match drove me up hard and kept me there! THIS ONE'S REALLY GOT IT.

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