Tristan Baldwin vs. Guido Genatto

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There is no set up for this one.  We open with Guido Genatto already pissed off, and Tristan Baldwin already headed for sleepy-town.  But this will be like Groundhog Day, because Tristan is going to keep waking up thinking Genatto just meant to show him a new move.  Guido is definitely invoking the Vin Diesel vibe here.  And it just might be a fast and furious take down of Tristan.  Tristan is all tasty rippling muscles, and he’s been wrestling in various circuits for the last decade.  He’s often the jobber, and the perfect treat for those who like to see a hunk suffer.  Genatto’s reputation always precedes him, of course.  The “filthy f-in  father” has proven over and over again that he has no filters when it comes to the crazy shit that comes out of his mouth, or the crazy shit he’ll do in the ring. 

Tristan wants to learn, and claims “I want to be just like daddy,” but there can be only one dirty daddy, and Genatto is not letting go of that title.  He teases Tristan by letting him try a couple of moves, but they don’t get very far before Genatto asserts his beastly control, and terrorizes Tristan.  Over and over again.  After so many choke holds, it’s amazing that Tristan still has a voice, and still has the gumption to get up for another supposed lesson.  The camera gets in tight for every snort and gasp, as Tristan goes out yet again.  By the end, Tristan is only calling Genatto “Sir” and is practically pleading for the head scissors from those massive hairy thighs.  But even that won’t end the match, because only Genatto will decide when this lesson in power and pain is done.

Run Time: 20 minutes, 36 seconds

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Tristan Gets Sleepered Again and Again

Watching Tristan and his totally ripped body get sleepered over and over again is truly a treat! Seeing him KO'ed on the mat is always hot!!

Joe M
Anything with Tristan is smoking hot

God I want to meet that stud!

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