Tristan Baldwin vs. Chet Chastain (My Nuts, Bro)

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“You think this is Chet’s playhouse? This is my boneyard!” threatens hotheaded Tristan Baldwin. The older dude can’t seem to shut the fuck up. Perfectly formed, practically muscled, teal-haired Chet Chastain doesn’t seem concerned. All that talk is just that, talk. And we aren’t here to chat. We’re here to see some balls get fuckin’ bashed! 

Chet silences the bigmouth brawler with a crushing abdominal squeeze, only to find himself being crushed in return. But Chet’s fast, which makes him a good match for Baldwin’s bodacious body. 

Suddenly Baldwin’s knee finds the path to Chastain’s sweet package. The teal-haired wonder is singing soprano in seconds while being pressed into a low, lethal Boston Crab. Chastain’s punishment forces this normally even keeled kid to find his metal and ram it down Baldwin’s throat. At times he’s a victim, hiding behind props and begging like a bitch, until he decides he’s had enough, ramming Baldwin into the wall with a vengeful scream that sees his pretty face twisted into an expression of violent mania. Fists fly! Trunks are used for leverage. Armpits are used to smother and smash. 

You’ve never seen Chet so unhinged!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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