Tristan Baldwin vs. Cameron

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Tristan Baldwin is in the ring, extolling his own virtues (what else would you expect from him?).   There seems to be a problem, though, his opponent is no where to be found.  Well, that has never stopped Tristan Baldwin and so he starts trash talking the cameraman telling him that he may have to face him instead, only he knows what kind of a man the camera man is.  From offscreen we hear the camera man give it right back to Tristan.  After a few minutes, finally, the camera is put down on the mat and the man behind the camera is shown to none other than the Champ himself - Cameron.  
What happens when you get two giants of the underground wrestling world in the same ring?  This match goes a long way towards resolving that.  Tristan begins with a quick assault on Cameron, but Cameron soon turns the tables and has Tristan on the ropes.  Cameron definitely has the technical skill knowledge over Tristan, but Tristan possesses a size and power advantage.  Back and forth the two go, like two foes who share a history with one another.  Suddenly trapped in the ropes, Cameron takes the opportunity to work over the impressive chest and abdomen of Tristan.
Never one to give up though, Tristan rallies and soon he has Cameron trapped in the ropes as well.  Bending Cameron way back over the ropes Tristan manages to punish the back of the Champ.  Going in for one of his patented moves, soon Cameron is displayed across the back of Tristan, as he screams in pain.  When a figure four is placed on one of the combatants, a winner is finally decided, and the victor is ready to move onto their next challenge.  If you enjoy watching two ring veterans display not only their technical prowess, but also their ability to trash talk and try to out maneuver their opponent psychologically, this match will be for you.  Tristan Baldwin vs. Cameron - what are you waiting for?
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  28 minutes, 32 seconds

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