TrevThor vs. Tanner Ripley vs. Aiden Langston (Double-Crossed)

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The thing about when three people are in the ring together?  It is almost always bound to devolve into a two on one situation.  The funny thing about that though is, the two who are facing the one at this moment, may not be the same two who are facing one in the next moment.  Allegiances shift, betrayals abound and eventually it tends to mostly be every man for themself.

And so it is here when Tanner Ripley is in the ring, seemingly against Trev Thor and Aiden Langston.  Tanner quickly grabs Aiden and delivers a body slam while Trev is relaxing against the ropes.  As soon as he is done, he is set up by Trev who picks up Tanner on his shoulders.  After a wedgie and few spankings from Aiden, Tanner is deposited on his back on the mat.  The apparent team of Trev an Aiden is quickly dissolved however when Aiden throws Trev against the ropes and delivers a clothesline to Trev.  Underneath Trev now spread eagled on top of Aiden, Tanner puts his boot directly on the size-able bulge of Trev, who screams in pain.

You would need some sort of spider-sense to be truly successful at this match because just as one's partner is helping you put the hurt on your mutual opponent, as soon as you turn your back, they are delivering a forearm to said back. 

Tanner tries to keep everything straight, and at one point Aiden is trapped in the ropes while Trev and Tanner play with their captured toy.  Mere moments later, Trev is caught in the corner, spread open wide with his legs on the second rope, while Tanner is below him shoving his boot up into Trev's balls while Aiden works over Trev's chest.  When both Tanner and Aiden find themselves on the mat, Trev delivers a double wedgie to the pair before he begins to beat down Aiden once more.  The action is fast and furious.

In the end though, there must be a loser, and in this case, one of the trio is put to sleep by the other two, and is relieved of his pair of boots.  Now in just socks, he lies on the mat face down, asleep and oblivious to what has happened, while the victorious pair use the shoestrings of the boots (each taking one of the pair) and tying it around their neck in a sign of the superiority.  It wasn't easy for the victors, but they managed to get on the same page just long enough to garner the victory.  If you love fast paced action, where you never know who will turn on who and what move they will come up to try and be the one standing tall in the end, then this match is just for you!

TOTAL RUN-TIME:  27 minutes, 34 seconds

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Larry Fugate
Awesome Aiden

This is a great vid. Good camera work and close-ups. All three are hot but Aiden is the best as the jobber who takes racks in his groin with great reaction, grunts and mouth expressions. It was no surprise he loses his white high-top Title boots to the wrecking crew. The taking off of his boots is hot and they hang them around their necks with the shoe strings. This is really a hot bustin' vid.

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