TrevThor vs. Gabe Steele (Sleepers)

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Trev Thor may be a rookie when it comes to underground wrestling, but he can trash talk like he has been in the business for years.  So here, when he stares across the ring at a veteran like Gabe Steele, rather than be intimidated, he tells Gabe that he is going to make "him feel like he is a rookie."  Big words for a newbie, but can he back it up with actual wrestiling?  When the two do lock up, an extended lock up sees neither grappler gaining advantage over their opponent.  Not until Trev gets behind the bigger Gabe does he manage to put Steele into a modified sleeper hold.
Which needless to say, does not sit well with the more experienced Steele.  He manages to get Trev into the corner, break the hold, and get a proper sleeper on the chiseled stud.  Steele never lets Trev fully fall alseep yet, as he takes the tact of loosening the hold, effectively allowing more oxygen, just to tighten it once again, and deprive Trev of air once again.  This fading in and out right on the cusp of uncosciousness takes its toll as Trev goes down to his knees, then on his back, all while Gabe enjoys toying with him.
The back and forth approaching the line of sleeping continues as Gabe moves from applying a dragon sleeper, to a cobra clutch, to a more traditional sleeper.  All the time, just as Trev is about to drift off to Dreamland, Gabe slaps the rookie on the cheek to bring him back so he can experience the trip to sleep once again.  If you enjoy watching a very sadistic heel just totally playing with a hot young stud, and watching all of the fight and energy just seep out of that stud, then I guarantee that this match will tick off every box for will definitely want this one!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 11 seconds

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