TrevThor vs. Crimson (Mat Rats)

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Trev Thor and Crimson are two of the newest wrestlers in the Wrestler4Hire stable.  Both obviously spend a lot of time in the gym, working out, as both are very easy on the eyes.  Trev seems to have the advantage when it comes to the art of underground wrestling.  Although new, Trev comes at his opponents with both his body and his mouth.  Trash talking his competition from the get go, Crimson seems to take a different strategy, and let his wrestling do all of his talking for him.  We'll see which tact wins the day as the pair face off against each other on the mat.
Trev picks up Crimson and place him over his shoulders repeatedly in the early stages, then depositing him onto the mat.  Crimson however does a good job of holding on to Trev as he is doing this and oftentimes finds himself being thrown over onto the mat for Crimson to take control of the proceedings.  Trev reverses the holds multiple times to place Crimson into arm bars and leg locks, only to have Crimson squirm out and grab Trev's head between his powerful arms.  Back and forth the pair go, neither able to score a decisive win.
Trev definitely gets into posing over Crimson when he has him down and out on the mat, something you will enjoy!  When the ending is near, it is after several body splashes, followed by a modified sleeper hold which causes one of the combatants to slowly drift into Dreamland, leaving the other to of course brag about their victory over the sleeping body of their former opponent.  If you enjoy two incredibly young, hard, sculpted bodies going at one another on the mat, this match will check all of the right boxes for you and you be glad you took the time to watch!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 34 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Crimson needs a rematch

Crimson is amazing and his massive chest and perfect nipples definitely make him one of the best looking on the roster. I think it’s about time he gets payback on TrevThor who keeps humiliating him despite having the smaller chest. I really want to see Crimson dominate someone and be more cocky with hot school boy pins and victory flexing. Someone needs to be worshipping his chest while he celebrates a victory

Andy Trevisan
TrevThor needs to suffer more

I personally LOVE Trevthor, his Mythological God. He is a simply PERFECT boy! His magnificent muscles, his well-shaped body from top to bottom, his angelic face, his captivating smile and his spectacular bulge and ass also make him a record holder for sales in videos and views.

That's why we prefer it when he fights someone stronger than him, or worse, or weaker but who can easily defeat him with some villainous resource. That wasn't the case with this video. Trevthor's defeat needs to be very clear and he needs to suffer a lot in the process, with punches, stomps, hair pulling, ball grabbing and... WEDGIES!

Wedgies are inherent to any combat Trevthor is involved in and seeing him being humiliated in this way is very exciting for us. He and Donevan are fighters that cannot be missed in your videos, with lots of blows, humiliation and, of course, WEDGIES!

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