TrevThor vs. Crimson

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There is one open spot left on the Wrestler4Hire roster, and both Crimson and Trev Thor are vying for that single spot.  Trev tells Crimson to just leave now because he (Trev) already has it locked up.  Crimson is not so convinced, and so, in effort to do some convincing, Trev quickly picks Crimson up on his shoulders, deposits him on the mat, and then delivers a body splash to him, followed by a veteran ball grab move.  Crimson is not going to give the spot up so easily though and soon he has Trev on his backside counting, when Trev authoritatively kicks own claiming, "Ain't nobody gonna hold me down."
The two go back and forth, each fighting for their very survival in W4H.  When the pair start to really go at, Trev's desire and hunger for the win start to show through.  He pounces upon Crimson over and over, never letting the bigger man gain the upper hand, all the while taunting him and playing to the camera.  Leg scissors deprive Crimson of much needed air in his lungs, and then once he has Crimson on the mats, Trev delivers body squashes off the ropes in successive fashion.  There is little Crimson can do to stop and stop the onslaught.
Trev can feel the ending coming for the match as he has Crimson face down on the mat.  Declaring, "It is time for you to go to sleep." Trev applies a modified sleeper hold that after a few minutes, delivers Crimson to the land of Nod and wraps up the bout in Trev's favor.  In Trev's mind, the outcome was never in doubt, and for Crimson to ever believe he could win was clearly an error on his part.  Happy to have secured the final roster spot in W4H, Trev is now looking ahead and bigger and better things....the only warning I would give him, the competition gets better (and bigger) as you progress in your career.  I hope he is ready!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 28 seconds

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bob mcnutt
Excellent Match

On sided Domination of a Bigger Jobber by Trev, a Handsome Jock Wrestler on the Mat. Trev owns Crimson in this great Wrestling Match......

Excellent debut

These 2 hot wrestling studs would make an amazing cocky heel tag team. Just saying.;) Otherwise, excellent work by Trev in particular in this match. Loved watching him punish Crimson especially with repeated body splashes and trash talk! These 2 have the potential to be top underground wrestling stars.

Trev Thor delivers

If there is any wrestler that can threaten Scrappy, Trev Thor is the guy. In this match against Crimson, Thor dominates from start to finish. He's aggressive, brutal and methodical as he tortures the larger Crimson. Part of the fun of watching this video is observing how cocky and self-assured Trev Thor is. The camera loves him and he loves showing off his amazing physique and what pain he can dish out. Let's see if Scrappy or Calvin Rogers have the guts to face Trev Thor in the ring.

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