TrevThor vs. Cash (Oil Wrestling)

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The big draw in an oil match is watching two muscled studs, oiled up, glistening, squirming and evading hold after hold because their opponent can't get a tight grip on them.  But I would argue that one of the most satisfying parts of an oil match is watching the combatants oil up their opponent, their hand sliding and probin every muscle, every inch of their body.  While one is posing, the other is applying the very "x-factor" that may prove their own undoing in the match.  And when the grapplers are Cash and Trev Thor, two very muscular and hard bodied studs in their own right, the "wow" factor as the oil is applied is only amplified.
Cash has the definite advantage here, having been in a fair amount of oil matches in the past, and it shows as the match gets underway.  He manages to mostly stay atop of Trev, and grabs onto the only part of his opponent that is not covered in oil, Trev's head.  At times, he also gets Trev on his back with an arm bar or leg scissor, but, as oil will do, it helps Trev to escape after too long.  Cash puts Trev in more than one school boy pin, but once Trev is out, he is able to apply a series of full nelson's to Cash, which he is unable to escape from.  
Trev eventually releases the hold and then the pair roll around for a while.  The match is outside and although they have plastic down on the ground, both Cash and Trev end up not only covered with oil, but also a fair amount of dirt, with the oil acting like a sponge for the dirt on their bodies.  The ending comes in the form of a straight out choke, which leaves one wrestler sleeping on the mat, with the other strutting and posing, victorious.  It will take a while for both Cash and Trev to get clean after this match, but that won't matter for you, you will just enjoy the sight of these two going at each other!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 00 seconds

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