TrevThor vs. Alex Garcia

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We often see a newbie take on a seasoned veteran, often to devastating results.  Here, out in the open air, we see two of our newest Wrestle4Hire acquisitions, Trev Thor and Alex Garcia, go one on one.  The pair begin by stretching in anticipation of locking up.  The two shake hands and the battle is joined.  Trev, wearing a very revealing shiny blue speedo and Alex in a red speedo, each take a few moments to size each other up.  When one finally does get the upper hand, it is Alex who is atop a prone Trev on the mats.  Although this will not be the case for long.
Trev manages to reverse the hold and soon he has Alex in an arm bar followed by a full nelson and into a variation of a sleeper hold.  He can't keep him down however, and after a few moments Alex is once more astride a laying Trev on the mat, posing over his fallen opponent.  Back and forth the two evenly match grapplers go, with one gaining a momentary advantage just to have the other rally back and get the upper hand themselves.  It looks like this match, between a pair of newbies, will go right down to the final bell!
When the end finally arrives, it is after a series of moves between the pair to weaken the other's legs.  A variation on a figure four is applied, as well as a series of leg locks.  But the final move is a front face lock, applied so tightly that the loser is not able to stay conscious and the winner just tosses him aside like a sack of potatoes.  Posing over their conquered foe, the winner then exits with a smile on their face, while we get an extended look at a sleeping loser, the camera moving up and down the sleeping stud, unaware of what has just happened to him.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 03 seconds

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