Travis vs. Max Ryder (Oil Bash)

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Let’s be honest – Travis and Max Ryder are both desperately in need of a win. Although the continue to fight on with honor, victories for them have been few and far between. So it is a great opportunity for both of them when they find themselves across the mat from each other in an oil match. One of the pair will undoubtedly notch a win and possibly put them on a trajectory of future success.

Oil seems to drop from the heavens as the match begins, soaking the duo. Travis in a green speedo, Max in a white speedo that seems to virtually disappear the more oil they soak up. Once they are sufficiently doused in the oil, the pair go about their business. Seemingly evenly matched, each takes their opportunity to punish the other, pulling and stretching their opponent to try and gain the advantage. Leg and head scissors are applied and received.

In the end, one of these fighters who are used to having only bad luck finds an often elusive victory. One wrestler will utter their all familiar “I submit” and the other will be able to stand over the other with his foot on their crotch, flexing for everyone to see. Let’s see if this victory leads to bigger and better things!

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 07 seconds

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