Travis vs. Joey Nux (Bro Battle)

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Travis is an Adonis, there is no denying it. Ever inch of his body is absolutely perfect. His amazing 8-pack, his beautiful back, thighs and his perfect bulge!

But, possibly showing him up, Muscle god Joey Nux shows up in a perfect pair of red and black trunks, ready to show Travis what a real man looks like. His arms and legs are straight out of Sparta! He’s not the one you want to mess with.

Travis, obviously believing his own hype, is not afraid of Joey and begins to list the reasons why he’s stronger, faster and better than the Mountain of Muscle and challenges him to a wrestling match! 

Oooohhhh Poor Travis. He has no idea what he’s in for. Joey calmly accepts the challenge, which Travis should have noticed, because when Joey has a real opponent he turns into a monster! But when he knows he’s about to destroy someone, he does it like a Lion waiting for a zebra!

This is an all out squash match. Joey throws the rookie around like a rag doll. He seamlessly puts Travis in hold after hold without even breaking a sweat. He almost pops his head with a head scissor, and he flexes his muscles while Travis grits his teeth trying to break free. Joey releases him only to pick him right up in a choke hold that almost knocks Travis into the ceiling! 

The moves get more and more humiliating as the match goes on. Joey traps him in a torture rack and basically folds Travis in half, and using his trunks to help him out, the Bodybuilder yanks them up the rookie’s butt and picks him up for a reverse bear hug! 

The hits keep coming and Travis doesn’t get a chance to come up for air, as Joey ties him up in a million different humiliating holds and dirty domination! 

We don’t think Travis will run his mouth off at Joey anytime soon, as he’s gonna need some time licking his wounds and regaining his pride! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 56 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Hot Match-Up!

Gonna order right away....
The beautiful adonis, Travis, vs the ultimate male, Joey.
The outcome was unquestionable, but I can't wait to see the battle.
Joey is a super-cool guy, from our meeting at a Burbank shoot a few years ago.
Love seeing Travis stretched out with all of his sinewy musculature, and Joey enforcing himself with his overwhelming musculature.
Great match-up!
Any chance of a hot Travis vs Topher Dimaggio match in the works??!

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