Travis vs. Joey Nux (Rookie Wrecker)

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Travis is jumping around the ring like a kid on Christmas morning. Ready for his next opponent. The eager grappler just wants a opponent. I am not sure that Travis has been told his opponent with be the mountain specimen of a man that is Joey Nux, however. A few initial power moves by Joey has Travis on the mat, but he quickly bounces back up and ready to go again.

He may have been better served to stay down, however. What follows is a master class on how power and size can quickly and easily dwarf enthusiasm. Slammed into the corner turnbuckles, caught in the viselike headlocks of Nux’s python like arms, suplexed in the middle of the ring, Travis sees several attempts at offense turned aside simply with one of Nux’s arm pushing him away, like a fly being swatted.

Travis suffers bearhugs, backbreakers. piledrivers and Boston crabs at the hands of Nux. The final humiliation of a bulldog and then Joey carts Travis around the ring on his shoulder like a sack of

potatoes. I would normally give Travis an “A” for effort, but this time he earned a “B” for beatdown, or maybe a “D” for defeat.

Total Run-Time: 22 minutes, 38 seconds

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