Travis vs. Gabe Steele

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Travis (looking delectable in a silver posing suit) and Gabe (in his own black and yellow string bikini) are working out in the Bro Battle house. They do push-ups, jumping Jacks and a pose off that lets you see every muscle as these two men flex off! This is just the beginning, the two studs challenge each other to an arm wrestling contest, and then a test of sexy strength. These two are now ready to lock up in a Bro Battle on the mat! 

They launch into their own attacks, Travis takes Gabe down and pins him to the mat, and to add a cocky cherry on top, flexes and poses over Gabe’s pinned body. Then Gabe takes over with a single leg crab that has Travis screaming in pain! 

But don’t count Travis out, the stud picks up Gabe and racks him over his shoulders and does squats as the embarrassed latin stud tries to get loose! But Travis is on a roll, and he ties Gabe up in back stretches, head scissors, arm bars, and bear hugs, which barely gives his opponent a second to breathe! And to add insult to injury, he uses Gabe’s limp body to perfect his push-up routine. 

But now, Gabe is angry, and when cocky Travis lets his guard down it gives his opponent the opportunity he needs to take the young stud down. Gabe gives the sexy Travis a taste of his own medicine, using his own arsenal against him. He stretches out his back, traps him in a bear hug which turns into a one handed choke hold! 

The Latino Star of Underground Wrestling, decides its time to show the up and coming stud some real power and after a few stretches where Gabe enjoys showing off Travis’ beautiful body, he scoops him up for an AWESOME gorilla press! He drops him on the couch to take a breath and uses Travis as a foot stool! 

The sweat is pouring off them, lighting up every ounce of their bodies! Gabe goes on a tirade, throwing Travis all around the living room and mat, he is done playing around and has the rookie screaming for release! The moves come fast and furious as he dominates Travis! Gabe knows how to show off his opponent and if you ever wanted to see every single angle of the Rookie, this is the video for you! 

And in an extra treat for you fans, their might be a cameo by some of the other Bros. who are obviously enjoying the match! And so will you...

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 30 minutes, 59 seconds

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Great video.

It was good to see the "behind the scenes" first before this video. Saw the intensity and also the fun of both wrestlers. It is great to see the camaraderie behind the scenes and the seriousness of bringing a good match to video. Travis is a great athlete and actor with probably the best fit body at W4H. Whether being the winner or the victim, Travis is best at both. More of Travis.

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