Travis vs. Gabe Steele

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Gabe Steele (5'9", 207 lbs, Puerto Rico)
Travis (6'0", 185 lbs, Nevada)

Sometimes in NHB you get a pairing where the two combatants like to jaw at one another and see if their trash talking can give them a psychological advantage over their opponent. Other times, the duo does little to no talking and just goes right about their business. After all, there is a time limit, and time spent talking is less time you can chalk up a pinfall that might give you the victory in the end.

This encounter is very much a right to business matchup. After some time stretching, the two go about trying to determine to best get their opponent to submit for a pinfall. Gabe has the weight advantage, but Travis has an extremely well defined and muscular physique. And when it comes to experience, Gabe is leaps and bounds beyond Travis!

One wrestler quick builds to a 3 fall advantage, only to see his lead evaporate rather quickly as his opponent storms back to close the gap. But will it be enough. The only words spoken in the entire encounter is “I give up.”. Though nothing is said, the fierceness and determination each wrestler exemplifies speaks volumes!

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 56 seconds

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