Travis vs. Christian Thorn

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Christian Thorn (5'6", 150 lbs, Missouri)
Travis (6'0", 185 lbs, Nevada)

The unique aspect of NHB is that the combatants always know where they stand. Unlike other types of matches, where an outcome can be decided at a moment’s notice, due to the running tally the wrestlers always know where they are, and whether or not they are winning a particular contest. So, when Christian Thorn and Travis meet on the match, and Christian leaps out to a significant lead, it seems as though the outcome may have been decided early.

Travis, one of the newest wrestlers to NHB is nothing if not a fighter though, and he quickly comes back to garner a couple of points in a row. If Christian thought he could coast to an easy win, Travis soon makes it clear that Christian needs to think again.

Does Travis, who has a physique unmatched in NHB, have a full comeback in him? Or will Christian, who holds the advantage of experience over the younger Travis, ride his early pin falls to a comfortable win over the sculpted grappler. You have to stay until the very end to see who claims the victory in this very satisfying bout.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 56 seconds

Customer Reviews

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excellent mat wrestling

Both wrestlers are evenly matched. Don't know the victor till the end of the match. True mat wrestling with some great counter moves by both well built wrestlers. Great match .

Christian Thorn is the greatest!

Wonderful match! Finally Christian Thorn is up against and opponent who ALMOST equals him in good looks and a beautiful physique. Ripped as Travis is, he is still no match for the rippling muscles, strength, and skill of Christian Thorn. Christian is the TOTAL package. Incredibly handsome, an amazing musclebound physique, wrestling skill and charisma. The action between these two was sizzling! The only improvement I can think of would have been to have Christian simulate punching Travis in the jaw at the end and knocking Travis out cold, then Christian would put his foot on Travis' chest and flex his perfect biceps over Travis' unconscious body.

Douglas Heflin
Looking forward... 2 Heavenly Bods

Will def be a purchase...!!
Two of my fave wrestlers, and two of the best bods in the biz -- seXXXy, seXXXy, seXXXy!!!
Can't wait...!!

Speed versus Endurance

If you like fast-moving matches, you'll love this. Christian Thorn never attacks the same way twice. Travis counters with neck holds to stop him; tactic mostly works for Travis. Thorn's upper body strength is enormous. Also a Battle of Bodies; both very impressive. I think Thorn just wins body battle, but that's not same as winning the match ...

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