Travis vs. Christian Thorn

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Christian is playing with a beach ball in the Bro Battle living room. He remembers that the boss said you can’t pop a beach ball with your thighs no matter how hard you try. Christian decides to give it a shot. He squeezes the ball with his massive legs, but to no avail. 

Sexy Travis joins him (in a really revealing pink poser brief). He makes fun of Christian’s failure and wants his own chance at the ball. He’s visibly disappointed when he can’t do it either. The two hotties decide to take it to the mat and see who REALLY has the strongest legs! Maybe they can’t pop a beach ball, but they can definitely try to break each other’s bodies! 

Christian traps Travis in a head scissor/ bear hug combo, squeezing the life out of him. Then they take a minute to show off for the cameras, asking which one has the sexier thighs. Travis suggests Christian flex his arms too, which is a trap! Travis knees him in the back and takes him down for his own brand of punishment! Wrapping his legs around Christian’s body, he stretches him out and leaves him gasping to breathe.

These two continue to dominate each other in a back and forth match of scissors: head, body, legs, reverse and some stunning moves like Travis trapped between Christian’s legs, while he relaxes on the couch!

These two have such amazing energy and in between submitting, you can tell they are having a great time tussling with each other. The match also has some sexy as hell power moves including suplexes and torture racks! 

But the greatest gift to all the fans is that some of the biggest stars of Wrestler4Hire decide to join in the fun and take a seat on the couch to enjoy all the sexy fun happening between Travis and Christian! Join them! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 27 minutes, 15 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Scissors Special!

Scissors are my favourite hold, especially body scissors, and both wrestlers have the thunder thighs made for crushing ribs...especially Christian Thorn...and he knows it! Back and forth buldging quad crushing action. This match is right up there as one of my favourites. More Scissor specials please!

karl roussell
Ball Squeeze

Well finely a scissor fest match in bare feet, it's been a while, but that guy with the camera, part of the erotica of scissor is the feet sinewy locked. Do that I'm your customer! Boy if I was taping this, you'd have a classic! Four stars but no five because of that camera guy!!

Ballsy legs

This starts with each trying to pop a beach ball between his legs. Neither can, so they try to pop each other's heads instead. From here, it's a battle of the legs between two beautifully muscled young men. Most of the 27 minutes is spent with leg scissors (heads, abs) on the mats; they never stop - which makes it fun. Jibes about whose muscles are just for show and who is for real add to the fun. Thorn acts (as usual) like he's fighting for his life; Travis barely raises a sweat. There is a winner; but don't take it too seriously - they don't.

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