Travis vs. Calvin Rogers

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Travis (6'0", 185 lbs, Nevada)
Calvin Rogers (5'11", 180 lbs, Pennsylvania)

Travis is definitely on his way to becoming Rookie of the Year. He has the muscles, sexy hair, beautiful eyes and a smile that could melt butter. He’s wearing a black and red speedo that lets us known that it might be covering up something more beautiful than that smile! 

His opponent Calvin Rogers enters in a black, barely there, bikini. Calvin and Travis give off that vibe of an older Frat Boy who’s teaching the newest Pledge how to move up the ranks of the college wrestling team. 

The two lock up and Calvin immediately takes the lead, he traps Travis in a Farmer’s Roll which turns into a head scissors that quickly makes the rookie tap out. Calvin is not playing around! 

And Travis has some moves up his speedo, using his beautiful legs to trap Calvin in body scissors and stretching his arm out like he’s gonna break it. This forces a tap out from the bigger man!

It immediately becomes clear that the Rookie stud has some real skill, but is also a tad unfocused at times. As we’ve said before, Calvin is always calm and confident in his technical prowess. He barely breaks a sweat as he puts Travis in long, slow holds, showing off his beautiful body for the camera. When Travis takes over, you can see Calvin smiling once and awhile. Is he going easy on the new kid to give him a shot and still show him off? Maybe. Maybe not?

These two keep going and going, their muscles growing and the sweat helping that definition! It looks like the wrestling lesson is taking a good turn for the two frat boys, they are definitely gonna end up as Bros in the gym! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 59 seconds

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Truly Amazing

This is my first time writing a review here. This video is truly amazing. Imagine big brother vs little brother. I hope wrestler4hire2 makes more big bro vs little bro type of wrestling. The bigger stronger and older brother always coming out on top. This is what this video was about. Showing absolutely no mercy making the weaker little one who’s the boss. I would love to see Joey Nux go against John Smithy or Marko vs Maverik or Igor

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