Travis vs. Blake Starr vs. Drew Harper

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Travis is in the ring admiring himself in blue square cuts when joined by Blake Starr.  The two are supposed to be joined by Drew Harper for a 2 on 1 match!
Drew soon shows his face, accompanied by a beer and attacks his opponents.  The larger Harper holds his own in the early goings, leaving Travis and Blake lying on the mat (and on top of one another).
Leg scissors give way to ball grabs and wedgies. Eventually, the numbers don’t add up for Drew.  Having his beer poured on him as Blake and Travis alternating arm and leg drops, the double teaming enters a new stage until Drew mounts a small, but ultimately brief comeback. 
Will the sheer numbers deliver a defeat to the over confident Drew? Or is Drew able to call on skill and dirty tricks to deliver a humiliating defeat to the pair of Travis and Blake?  Someone (or someones) going to end up asleep in the middle of the ring, a victim of their over confidence.  But who?  You’ll have to watch to find out.
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 26 minutes, 11 seconds

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