Travis vs. Blake Starr (Headscissors)

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We join the match already in progress with Travis’ head caught in a vise-like grip between Blake’s thighs. Struggling to try and get, Blake does sit ups and flexes to show how much he is in control. But one good leg scissor deserves another and soon Travis has reversed the hold and now Blake is stretched out for everyone to admire his Adonis-like body suffer.

It quickly becomes apparent that this is going to be a scissor versus scissor match, as each wrestler finds new and devastating ways to try and squeeze the head of their opponent so hard that they are forced to submit. Attempts at other moves such as armbars eventually devolve into scissor holds, and even chokes convert to scissors as each wrestler falls to the mat.

Both combatants have very impressive bodies and highly developed thigh muscles. Their ability to deliver pain through leg scissors is perhaps unmatched in the W4H stable. But in this one on one, which wrestler will finally come out on top, causing the other to submit. I will tell you that in the end, one stud is able to finally put the other to sleep as a result of their leg scissor. But which one?

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 13 seconds

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