Travis vs. Blake Starr (Bro Battle)

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A relative newcomer to the Bro Battle scene, Travis’ is a sight to behold! Although slightly heavier, his body is most akin to Blake Starr. Perfectly proportioned, it looks good no matter what it is doing, especially when it is getting beat on. Here, on the mat with Blake, the two Adonises go at it against each other.

Blake is certainly developing the ability to trash talk his opponent. He also is not afraid to use a cheap shot if it will give him an advantage. Travis, clad in a golden speedo that leaves little to the imagination, realizes that things will not be as easy as he may have though in Bro Battle. The boys come here to fight!

A test of wills ensues that includes feet to the groin, punches to the midsection, and two perfectly honed bodies stretched and pulled in ways that bodies were not designed to stretch and pull in. The duo go back and forth and just when is seems one is about to victorious over the other, a final blow is delivered and both men end up laying on the mat in pain.

Total Run-time: 25 minutes, 54 seconds

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