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Gabe Steele versus Brian in Oil

Gabe certainly seems to like getting it on with his opponent all oiled up and slithering and sliding around. 

Here we see him against Brian, no slouch in the physique department himself, and after each combatant gets themselves appropriately ready, the two begin, with Gabe getting enough of a hold on a slippery Brian to bring him down to the tarp.  Gabe knows very well though that it is one thing to get them down, and another thing to keep them down when oil is involved. 

On more than one occasion, just when it seems as though Gabe has slapped on a move nice and tight, Brian simply slithers out of the move, and is back upon Gabe, putting him in some moves of his own.  But, as I said, Gabe has all the experience with the numerous oil matches he has been in, and he realizes that in many ways it is a time battle, eventually, his opponent will make an experienced move and it is then that Gabe pounces on the unsuspecting Brian and puts him in a modified Dragon sleeper, which causes Brian to tap out and once again hand Gabe a victory. 

Another W4H wrestler marked off the list of Gabe's conquests in an oil match....I can only wonder who Gabe has set his sights on next!

Total running time:  28 minutes, 24 seconds

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