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Johnny versus Drew Harper

Sometimes things just fall into your lap, unannounced, like a gift from heaven.  When Drew leaves his hotel room, he finds in the corridor another key card for another room.  After trying it on a few doors unsuccessfully he finally finds the door it belongs to, and when he opens it, it is the doorway to a huge hotel suite.  Right off the bat, Drew decides, "whoever can afford this suite has money", and the wheels begin to turn.  Entering the suite, he opens his bag and takes out a towel and some chloroform because he is certain that there is a safe in this suite with a lot of money inside.  He turns the corner and finds the owner relaxing on the couch downing some Jack Daniels, and before the owner (Johnny) can react, the damp towel is shoved in his face and he falls blissfully asleep.
When he awakes, he finds himself tied to his bed, his shorts removed and he is wearing just a small thong.  Drew wants to know what the code to the safe is.  Johnny refuses to tell him, although he does errantly let slip that he had just won big at the casino.  So Drew takes things a step further and decides that the best way to get the combination to the safe is to beat it out of him.  He begins to pound the immobilized Johnny with blows to his midsection, to his head, followed by another round of the chloroform rag.  This goes on for several times, each time Drew delivering a little more pain and then forcing Johnny into unconsciousness.  Finally Johnny gives up the code and Drew is off to wherever his next adventure takes him.....although a lot richer than he was 30 minutes ago.
Total running time:  23 minutes, 30 seconds

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