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Johnny Moon versus Santos

How do two people who are just stretching and working out end up locked in a fight to see who is the better man?  Well, when Johnny Moon and Santos are both interested in using the same space as part of their workout, the two decide to have a pushup contest to see who will claim the space.  When one cheats halfway through the contest, the fight is on, and may the best man win! 

Clad in identical orange thongs, the beginning moments of the fight go back and forth, with neither grappler managing to grab the upper hand.  Neither is above using some rather questionable moves either, between ball grabs, nipple twists or straight out chokes.  And the exposed ass cheeks from the thongs just scream for some to be spanked (don't worry, some are).  In the end, it is the sleeper hold that lands one of the studs asleep on the floor, his opponent's foot planted firmly in his chest.  The victor just moves away to continue their somewhat delayed workout.  Two very toned grapplers going toe to toe in a video sure to be a winner!

Total running time:  19 minutes, 01 seconds

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