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Brandon versus Shawn Duncan (Part 2)

It's the classic coach/athlete, master/student scenario.  Brandon, tired of Shawn's shenanigans, jumps the young grappler to teah him a lesson.  What ensues is a battle for supremacy, between the teacher, Brandon, and his pupil, Shawn.  The action has gone back and forth in part 1 of this bout, and now it appears that each wrestler is ready to try and go for the knockout blow to finally teach the other the lesson they so deservedly are owed.  Trading arm bars doesn't seem to solve the matter, and so the two go for even more painful moves, stretching each other legs like a turkey wishbone!
In the end, the match ends really the only way it could.  Since neither seems willing (or able) to submit, the only recourse is to put your opponent to sleep, and one wrestler does fade from the land of the waking into dreamland.  But will the student now surpass the master and claim the top of the alpha male mountain, or will the pupil be expelled from the teacher's class once and for all?  You'll have to watch and find out in the thrilling video!
Total running time:  8 minutes, 12 seconds

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