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Brandon versus Shawn Duncan (Part 1)

While the two are practicing stretching together, Shawn finds he cannot keep his balance, which pushes Brandon over the edge.  Brandon tells Shawn to leave, who refuses, and so Brandon has no recourse but to try and take out his frustrations with Shawn phsyically, by beating him to a pulp.  After all, there is more than one way to teach a lesson, and Brandon has decided that putting Shawn through hell will work just as well.
Shawn finds himself twisted and stretched in ways I am sure he has not experienced before, but, fear not, for Shawn has indeed learned some lessons, he manages to reverse his fortunes (if only momentarily) and place Brandon in some rather compromising positions,  Back and forth the pair battle, neither being able to deliver the decisive blow.  Backs are bent, legs are stretched, and trash talking flies fast and loose, but which of the two will come out on top?  Well, you'll have to watch the 2nd part of this epic battle for the resolution, I can guarantee you you will not be sorry!
Total running time:  12 minutes, 12 seconds

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