The Ripper vs. Lightning Lad

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Our hero is looking for the hidden bomb so he can diffuse it. Flying into view is the villain, Ripper, in our story, who has some bad news for our hero…he’ll never find the bomb in time! Especially since he will be occupied suffering at the hands of the Ripper. Recovering from the sneak attack, our hero places the villain in a tremendous bearhug, but Ripper refuses to divulge the information and once again turns the tables.

Out on his feet, our hero is soon hooded and then put to sleep. Hogtied next, there little defense the hero can mount to ward off the pain which is to come. Slowly choked out with the rope, Ripper departs to check on his bomb, which allows our hero to escape his rope bonds and attack Ripper when he returns.

One final decisive battle between will decide the fate of the bomb and the city. Will our hero finally get the location and code of the bomb so he can diffuse it and save the city? Or will Ripper finally defeat his arch enemy and bring the city to its knees, his master devious plan brought to its unthinkable fruition? Find out in this exciting match!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 13 seconds

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