Tempo vs. Drew Harper

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Drew Harper has a good memory.  I only bring this up because Drew remembers exactly what it was like to be a new wrestler in the W4H stable and how he has had to pay his dues to get to the standing his currently has in W4H.  There were many a beatdown, and many a bruise he had to endure, and if there is anything that is certain in wrestling, it is that Drew is going to make sure that the rookies he faces experience the same this he had to to when he first came on the scene.
Imagine Drew's surprise then when he challenges Tempo to an arm wrestling and promptly loses both contests.  Before Tempo can even appreciate his win, Drew is on him attacking him, choking him with his ring jacket, slapping on a full nelson, leg scissors and a devastating bearhug.  Hold after hold serve not only to apply pain to the youngster, but also to send a message....know your place here and where you fit into the W4H food chain.  Don't think you're moving to the front of the line without paying your dues.
It's a lesson that Tempo is not soon to forget as he spends the majority of the bout on the mat, breathing heavily, gasping in pain.  Drew offers nothing in the way of any respite, in fact he moves from hold to hold, ratcheting up the tension and the pain in each subsequent move.  A final body splash has the newbie down for the count on the mat, Drew satisfied in his work and happy to move onto his next task, whoever that may be.  All in all....message delivered....message received!
TOTAL RUN-TIME;  26 minutes, 37 seconds

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Peapod Joe
Drew Harper is SUPERMAN!!!

Drew is incrediable!! No one can defeat him!!

Tempo is Hot as a jobber!

More Tempo please! and more of him jobbing! The hotter the match the better!

More Tempo Please!

Amazing match, Tempo plays the role of jobber so well. Drew didn’t let up and the sweat kept pouring. If you like a squash match, you’ll love this one!

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