Tempo vs. Blake Starr (Oil Wrestling)

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An oil match is, without a doubt, one of the most sensual matches there is.  Two individuals, both covered in oil, entwined virtually becoming one due to the oil.  Their bodies glistening, accentuating every muscle and nook and cranny.  Their gear often becoming virtually non-existent due to the oil.  When the right individuals are involved, it can be like two Greek gods vying for dominance.  Blake Starr's body seems as though it was made for oil matches.  Already toned and trained to near perfection, the oil serves to only further enhance its aesthetic beauty.  Not to be outdone, Tempo, a newbie to oil wrestling, brings youthful enthusiasm to the mat.
Blake has really progressed in many areas of wrestling since his early days.  He has a confidence about him now that shows through in all of his bouts, and he has become quite formidable in all of the W4H disciplines.  Here he puts young Tempo through his paces, stretching and twisting the youngsters in ways people were not meant to be stretched and twisted.  When necessary, he deliver knees to the midsection of Tempo to keep the advantage, and has shown himself to be more than willing to deliver a low blow if and when he deems it necessary to teach his opponent a lesson.
Tempo learns rather quickly as well, and he at times has Blake down on the mat, mounting him to keep the advantage.  Using his legs to squeeze Blake mercilessly, Tempo does his best to make sure he keeps up the attack, lest he lose the momentum.  Finally, Blake is able to turn the tides when he needs to and gains the upper hand.  When the end comes for Tempo, it is in the form of a bearhug followed up by a leg drop to Tempo's back, the combination of which leave the newbie unconscious on the mat, Blake standing tall victorious.  If you enjoy the site of shiny muscles, tight speedos, and bodies slipping and sliding with one another, this one is for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 44 seconds

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