TeeJay vs. Christian Thorn (Thongs)

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This was the last match of the day. I had forgotten to let TeeJay know what time we would be starting the matches, so he texted me to remind me. I told him it slipped my mind but if he could get there within an hour we'd make it happen. He showed up ready and eager to go. Originally he was only going to do a couple matches but once he met the guys and got on the mats, I knew he was going to want to stick around for more action.

Christian had been doing a lot of camera work for the shoot that day. I knew he was rested and full of vigor. I told him I had an idea for this match that was about to happen and he said with enthusiasm "I'm down!" 

The 2 started talking then next thing I know they walk in with thongs on. What a surprise! I thought we'd have some good old-fashioned speedo wrestling, but these boys had been trash-talking each other off-camera and decided they'd each show off their glutes and let the audience decide who had better buns.

I would've liked to make this an NHB-Fights style match, but to be honest, these guys weren't going to follow the rules the whole match. Christian took the first dirty trick by grabbing the balls of the bigger opponent.

The action was back-and-forth. Intense exchanges between the 2 equaled opponents fueled the fire of competitiveness. Who was gonna be the one to prevail? Who was going to rub it in the others face once the cameras went off? 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 20 seconds

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