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Dante versus Vinny (Part 1)

I don't know about you, but if I was about to get it on with someone who literally has the words, "Fuck the rules" tattooed across their midsection, I would be ultra wary of what I was about to do and be on edge to look out for anything. 

Here, we see Vinny stretching, when Dante (with the aforementioned phrase) enter and before long he is stripping himself of his sweatpants down to just a pair of black underwear.  Before long, the two have locked up with one another and they are using anything and everything to try and defeat their opponent.  A stackable plastic container set, the curtain in front of the sliding doors, even a can of energy drink are all used to their utmost in an attempt to gain the upper hand. 

Dante manages to strip Vinny of his sweatpants at one point and now both grapplers are just in their underwear.  The action is fast and furious in Part 1 of this two part video, I can only imagine how much the action will be ramped up in the concluding chapter!
Total running time:  9 minutes, 04 seconds

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